Monday, September 28, 2015

Meet Robert

Hello dear readers!

So, this past summer I met another awesome summer missionary named Robert. Robert not only worked like crazy as a summer missionary, but he jumped right into a program called Fusion. I've had friends who have done Fusion before and let me tell you, from what I've heard, It. Is. Hard. He needs your prayers as he prepares to go to Asia next semester.

If possible, please consider donating to Roberts mission fund. Fusion requires a lot of fundraising, and he would greatly appreciate your help and prayers.

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This is Robert's story. 

I don’t know much about blogging or anything but an awesome friend of mine offered me the great honor of writing a guest post on her blog. So naturally I am extremely excited to take the opportunity to write a little bit.
There’s so much I could write about, then also so much that I can’t write about. I think begin by introducing myself, my name is Robert. I don’t want to bore any one with the drab details of my life so I just want to share the parts that are important to the overall end.
                My name as I’ve said is Robert and I grew up in a very small town in the Ozarks. I have 4 brothers that I very much miss being with. When I was younger we lived a very simple life. We didn’t have a whole lot but I didn’t really care in fact I really think I prefer simple, but right now that’s irrelevant. So when I was about 12 life was getting difficult for one reason or another, and anyway, I went to youth camp and really revealed my need for Him. It was something beyond just wanting to get out of hell, I still can’t quite describe it but for all of you who have felt the Holy Spirit drawing you know what I mean.
This may seem out of place here but chronologically it fits. I was always a very quiet kid (I still am rather quiet but not to same extreme) I didn’t really have a lot of friends and I didn’t ever really talk to very many people. So here’s how this fits here. That night that I accepted Christ, God also decided to begin changing that whole quiet person thing. There was this girl at camp named Sarah, she was extremely out going and, at this point I had thought very annoying. That night though we were out on the swings just singing old hymns and getting excited about Jesus.
Side note here, no this does not end with us being any more than friends.
So Sarah became one of my first very good friends and she really helped me to get over myself and just get out there.
About 2 years later I really felt God calling me into ministry, Of course I was naturally very nervous about that prospect. Needless to say though the Spirit can be very convincing at times. Throughout high school God has allowed me to serve Him faithfully, not to say there weren’t struggles because there definitely were, some that I’m still dealing with, but God is good.
It came to my senior year and I was beyond happy about it. I was in the top choir, I was captain of the Academic team, I had my friends and I was getting ready for college/seminary. I couldn’t have been better.
Just a couple of months after the school year started I was crushed. I’ll never forget that day as I was getting ready to go to choir my friend Dillon caught me and said, “hey Sarah died on her way to school this morning.” I couldn’t believe it. I told him he was joking and just I couldn’t believe it Sarah had always given me a hug on the way to choir, even writing it now I can’t keep my thoughts straight.
That same day I also found out that my friend Zoe had committed suicide the night before and just couldn’t take it. I went straight home instead of going to work like I was supposed to, and I just cried. I went through life for the next couple of months in an almost trance. It didn’t seem real. After a while I just quite going to work, and then school, and even church, which had become the only place I enjoyed being.
There were some extremely dark moments in there that I won’t go into but I basically considered life over. I had already applied for this thing called the Fusion program (more on that later) and the Summer Missions program.
Since I had already applied and I didn’t to explain that I didn’t want to the program anymore over the phone, I decided to go to the trainings for summer missions. It wound up changing my life getting me back on track. Suddenly I remembered Jesus again and my joy was back. Now life doesn’t just flip a switch and become all sunshine rainbows and gumdrop kittens (that would be awesome though) but I had hope again and it began to grow and blossom not in spite of the rain clouds but because of them.
So after an amazing summer of just getting to know Jesus better and serving with kids, I began the Fusion program. The Fusion program puts college students through extremely rigorous physical, mental and spiritual training for one semester and then sends them to work in difficult places across the world to share the gospel with those who might not otherwise hear it.
Fusion has been beyond impossible for me. I’ve constantly felt like the weakest link. Then I’m reminded that it isn’t about me it’s all about Jesus.
So next semester I’ll be serving in Asia and while I’m really excited about that It’s also been kind extremely stressful. One because of the trainings (and also the loads of homework from my regular college person classes) and also because of the substantial cost of going overseas which I am still working out how to get.
I really appreciate you taking the time to read my story I know it’s long but I think it’s important and it demonstrates my deep need of Jesus. Please do be in prayer for me and the other Fusion candidates as we share the Gospel. God Bless.

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